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games you play with real ease
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Quartino has very simple rules but creates complex situations
which demand forward
thinking, spatial awareness
and sustained focus.
However, there is just enough
luck to allow for
unexpected twists and keep players
on their toes!
The best is game with two players,
but game with 4-6 players is great for more fun.

"Czech Chess" is original board game with chess pieces.
For game is possible to use standard chess set.
For start game is enough to know how to move
rook, knight and bishop from classical chess.
Those pieces are on board only at beginning of the game.
Target of game is to place pawns on board. You can place your
pawn colour on square, where aim three or more your pieces.
Pawns don't move and stay on the square to the end of game.
Make decision when and where place pawn is key factor
for succesfull game, but don't forget that opponent can block
the square. You can't take any piece from board
so final moves
and position are most interesting.

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