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What is Quartino?

Quartino is an abstract strategy game about building color combinations. Be the first to clear your hand by creating the right pattern on the board and you’re the winner.

Why play Quartino?

Quartino has very simple rules but creates complex situations which demand forward thinking, spatial awareness, and sustained focus. However, there is just enough luck to allow for unexpected twists and keep players on their toes!

How to play Quartino?

Each player randomly draws four color combination cards. Players take turns placing stones on the game board. Whoever completes all color combinations of their cards on the board is the winner.

Who is the target audience of Quartino?

Quartino has a wide target audience of all players who enjoy fast abstract games. Its simple rules allow even non-players to enjoy the game from the very beginning, but the potential complex strategies predestine the game to be great for tournaments of experienced players.


2021 Imagination Gaming: Gold Players Choice Award

Quartino - Theory of game

Rules for Quartino game you can find in the box, but here you can find some tips how to play successfully.

Of course, you can play randomly without much thought and analysis, which we recommend especially when you play with children or when play 3 or more players. However, there are 5 basic tips for a more successful and interesting game for two players game.

1) First look closely at all 24 cards in the game. You will find that some of them can have up to 3 positions in the same color combinations. Imagine a order of place stones so that your opponent does not have a chance to make a combination from another card after your turn.
2) Imagine before your turn whether your opponent could make a combination after place your stone. You don't have to count the combination you have and the ones your opponent has already created and placed on table.
3) Before first turn: Look closely on cards you have and try to find pair with some common color combination. This can help you to win one of them easily.
4) If you place first stone, try to make rule "Column"(4 stones in one column) as fast as possible, but only in situation, when opponent don't have chance to make combination. It will help you to avoid situation when is on board 12 stones (3 pieces from each color) and you have to place 4. stone from some color.
5) Try to remember stone colors and their positions your opponent try to place. You can learn from this his card combinations.

Lot of those tips use players at Quartino tournaments. Game is a bit longer then, but you can use e.g. chess clock to limit time for one game.

For a full strategic experience we recommend to play Quartino 1 against 1 or a team version.

For advanced players we can recommend a three-round duel. After each round, all cards are dealt for a minute so that both players can view, remember, and then hide them again. In the third round, the best players count the opponent's cards with the elimination method and find their way to victory more easily.

However, if you are looking for an easy breakout game where attention is important only when you are on the move, play Quartino in three to six players. It is a completely different dimension of the game, in which you can even a little innocently harm opponent's target combinations, but mainly you will have even more fun.

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